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Wholesaling Real Estate - Profit, Equity & Cashflow

What makes Wholesale Real Estate USA work? Well, we require our wholesalers to provide a complete property package, allowing us to make an informed investment decision and close deals very quickly.

Each property submitted is reviewed for accurate information, including: Google location mapping, photography, repair and rehab estimates, sold comps, after repair value and financial analysis.

Having this complete property package eliminates the back and forth minutia of missed or unreturned phone calls, drawn out voice mails, lost email and smoke signals sent for information which should have been provided in the first place.

The bottom line is the fact that Wholesale Real Estate USA works for you. Get started buying and selling today!

Professional Rehab Contractors Nationwide

Need Professional Rehab Contractors Nationwide? We are the largest, fully-independent network of managed contractor repair for real estate investors nationwide. Our network has some of the best construction, building repair and remodeling contractors in the US and Canada. We assign specific contractors to specific jobs and monitor the contractor performance for timeliness and quality. Contractor Connection is the premier managed contractor repair network to the insurance industry. Our contractors and our systems have been proven time and again, working for the most demanding clients in the world real estate investors. We provide service for investors, insurance companies, brokers, property managers, realtors, and consumers. How can we service you?

Real Estate Coaching & Education

Real Estate Coaching & Education I'm currently a member of Sean Terry's Flip 2 Freedom Academy and highly recommend Sean's Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring program. If you are looking to get started or maybe enhance your real estate investing prowess, you gotta check out Sean's Flip 2 Freedom Academy. Click here to discover how '4 newbies' went from $0 to $250,000 almost overnight!" Mark Van Dyke, The Virtual Wholesaler.

Probate Real Estate Lead Service

Probate Real Estate Lead Service The probate real estate market is a billion dollar niche market that is loaded with opportunity for real estate investors who seek motivated seller opportunities.

Wholesaling Real Estate for Sellers

Post wholesale real estate to our network of qualified cash buyers who will review your deal and buy it if it matches their investment strategy.

Wholesale Real Estate for Buyers

View Wholesale Real Estate Properties

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Earnest Money Deposit Program (EMD Funding)

Earnest Money Deposit Program Wholesalers, We’d like to fund ALL of your earnest money deposits, on ALL of your wholesale contracts, so you never pass on making an offer (or lose a deal) because you can’t get the deposit money to escrow at all, or in time. Get MANY more deals accepted by submitting our VERIFIABLE proof of funds with every all cash offer you make. There’s no cost, and you can use our proof of funds right now… And with our network of all cash Buyers, we'll promote all of your deals to our buyers. So, by working with us not only can you secure MORE contracts, but you may be able to AUTOMATICALLY sell each contract for substantially MORE than you could sell them for on your own with NO out of pocket costs either. Never pay a dime, for anything, unless you profitably assign (or back to back close) your deals. If you don’t profit we don’t profit, so OUR MANDATE is to help you make as much profit as possible on as many deals as possible. Check out this EMD Program right away!

Real Estate Funding In As Little As 5 Days!

Real estate funding in as little as 5 days! This fantastic, no out-of-pocket or balloon payment is designed especially for investors.

Virtual Wholesaler & Real Estate Partnerships

Virtual Wholesaler & Real Estate Partnerships I'm looking for a few partners to share all of my private tools & resources and personally teach you, one-on-one, step-by-step on how to make some serious money.

Real Estate Investing Education

Real Estate Investing Education Wholesale Real Estate USA's Professional Real Estate Investing Education Program is unmatched in the industry. It is based on the scientifically proven learning methodology, Instructional Systems Design. Consulting a PhD in Education and working with subject matter experts in specific disciplines of real estate investing, we developed well-structured instructional materials using objectives, related teaching strategies, systematic feedback and evaluation.

This Real Estate Investing Program ensures our students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become successful real estate investors. To request more information on the professional investing program please submit your information below and a representative will contact you directly to discuss your background and goals.

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